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The Railroad Ghost!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Harlan County Kentucky
Carl Farmer

In search of the best places for ghost sightings or paranormal events lies in the hills of Harlan County Kentucky. Throughout the years ghost sightings are becoming more interesting and very popular. We have researched and found some truly amazing stories in this small town where the population is only 1,864 people. Harlan is known for "Bloody Harlan" and their Coal Mines. Bloody Harlan took place in 1931. When the Miners were killed by Sheriff's for going on strike for unfair wages.

Harlan is told to have many ghost sightings.

1. It is said on a Dark and rainy night a young women walks by the railroad tracks waiting for the return of her killer, She appears in your back seat, just to get a look at you and then, she's gone in the blink of an eye.

This story is told by many of the older people in Evarts, I have never experienced it myself and I have driven this area a few times.

2. Eastbrook Apartment residents have complained about hearing cries for help in the middle of the night, sightings of figures have been report by many saying ghost were seen in the apartments, exorcism have been done.

3. My aunt live in Harlan in a place called "Ages" she became very ill with cancer and lost her battle 10 years ago. But only 4 years ago my own daughter 8 at the time, would come to me saying she See's a women in the back yard wanting my daughter to come outside. I thought she was just having some bad dreams. This went on for several weeks. Then one night, I was outside with my kids and took a few pictures and this is what I captured. Look at the pictures and see for your self, I enlarged them so you can see them close-up. After seeing these pictures I was a little freak-out, I didn't want to ask my daughter a lot of questions because she was scared enough, but a few days later when I was going through some pictures I came across my aunts picture and my daughter went crazy "Dad that is her" That's the women I see. She always wants me to come outside, she always motions for me to open the door to come out. This sent a cold chill down my spine. How in the world can my daughter, who never knew my aunt, be so familiar wit her? I knew my aunt would never hurt anyone but for some reason my daughter was and still is very afraid of her. Now Selena (my daughter) 12 years old, still remembers her and doesn't want to talk about the events that happened 4 years ago.

More to come. Please visit daily to read more of my blog!

                                                   The Stanley Hotel


Now lets take you West, Colorado is our next stop. We have all seen the movie "The Shinning" right? The Stanley Hotel is said to be one of the best place to visit for ghost sightings. These pictures were taken by a guest staying there. Once She seen the photo's she was amazed! not believing anyone would believe the photo's were real she had them analyzed to prove they were not tampered with, Indeed they were proven to be real, Look for yourself.

Now, here is a closer look, it is amazing how she captured this photo. To me it looks like the owner MR. Freelan Oscar Stanley himself. Which by the way is said to still walk the halls and ballroom of the Stanley hotel. His wife "Flora" still plays the piano in the ballroom to this day, her playing has been heard many times though out recent years at the Stanley.

It is told that Lord Dunraven is one of the ghost to be haunting the hotel, particularly room 401 and 407.

Children were not allowed to stay at the hotel but, ghostly apparitions of children are said to be seen on the 4th floor of the Stanley. Why wasn't kids allowed at this hotel? and why are sightings of them playing on the 4th floor? We may never know but one thing for sure. the Stanley Hotel is a must to add to your to do list. All I can tell you is, there have been a number of death at the Hotel.

Delbert Grady worked at the Hotel as a Caretaker, in 1972 he took his wife and 2 daughters ages 6 and 8 to say there with him, shortly after he developed cabin fever, Delbert brutally murdered his family with an axe before taking his own life with a shotgun. Delbert is said to be seen in the dining room of the hotel.

Lorraine Massey dated a younger college student leaving her husband back in New York, her husband was a hot shot attorney who never knew about the affair. Mrs Massey would spend a lot of time with the younger man at the Overlook of the hotel, One day the man left, never to return. Mrs Massey stayed in Room 217 (in the movie it said room 237 but the real room was 217) distraught Mrs Massey got into the bath tub and took a whole bottle of sleeping pills taking her own life. She is said to still haunt room 217

Horace Derwent a millionaire invested money into the Overlook of the Stanley Hotel in 1940, MR. Derwent died in the Ballroom of the hotel, it is said he still haunts this room today. Cause of death Unknown.

Roger the Dogman the lover of Horace Derwent is said to haunt the Ballroom as well, his ghostly apparition appears in this room and the Stanley Stairwell drunk and yelling homosexual. Cause of death Unknown.

Here are a few pictures of Mr Stanley Himself.

Now lets Compare a few of the photo's

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New Day!
May 14th 2010
11:44 PM
Blog done by My Amazing & Loving Wife:
Nancy Farmer

Norwich State Hospital For The Mentally Insane

Norwich State hospital built for the mentally insane it was built in 1904 located in Preston Connecticut.
 It is said to be very haunted .the patients who once was housed there suffered not just from mental illness but from drug addiction, tuberculosis and as well as violent patients who were found guilty of committing a crime by reason of insanity. It was said to have the very worst criminally insane patients in the whole state of Connecticut. Most of the violent patients committed here were convicted murderers, and rapist .it was said to have housed 3,600 patients. Treatments given to the patients was hydrotherapy, shock therapy, they were also heavily sedated as well as sexual and physical abuse. The hospital sat on 300 acres much of which was surrounded by heavily wooded area. The gothic like style buildings were connected to several underground tunnels which reached as far as the Thames River making traveling from building to building easier. One of the first tragedies to occur there was in December of 1914
 A Lawyer by the name of Edward Arvine he had voluntarily committed himself he had committed suicide by hanging himself in his room by making a rope out of his bedding .many tragedies happened over the years including the death of a nurse who worked there her name was Annie Prudenthal she killed herself with a knife in her home the year of 1930, she had just been discharged from the hospital by just a few days. She was also known to have been a patient there as well. In 1918 a patient by the name of Solomon brooks who escaped the hospital made his way home killed his wife Rachel with a knife. Another patient named Ernest Skinner who was only 17 at the time he murdered his neighbor by not only using a hatchet but also set him on fire. Ernest was admitted to the asylum in 1912. The asylum also housed Everett Cooley known as” the lover’s lane slayer “he was admitted to Norwich after killing 22 year old John Davis and attacking his 19 year old fiancĂ©. These are some of the patients who were admitted there. The hospital had patients escaping. They were also known to releasing some of the patients early. Only to have them to murder again once they were released. In 1946 the editorial in Hartford courant had eyewitness testimony of patients being not just starved, but beaten and were packed in ice for several hours as a form of punishment. The building doors were closed in 1971 People have reported hearing screams and voices of children .they also reported to seeing moving wheelchairs , gurneys, as well as moaning, footsteps and seeing faces appearing out of shattered windows and seeing strange lights .The vacant structure is now owned by the state. To learn more about this place here is a link. This is a Wonderful story.

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